What is art?

What is art?
October 29, 2017 Naini Ahluwalia
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Some of us have delved deep to understand and find an answer to the question What is art? but ended up more confused as the answers remained elusive.

Let’s step back for a moment and take a look at the art industry. There are collectors around the world spending millions to get their hands on rare paintings by some of the master painters of the century. There are those who will pay the asking price for that one off, unique art work to have something that’s exclusive. Art trends and values are set by art industry experts – right or wrong? It’s about the demand for an artist’s work that drives the prices high and vice versa, perhaps this one is debatable to a degree. We all have opinions and suggestions, so probably no one answer fits what we actually see in galleries or our walls.

Being an artist it’s perhaps a bit hard to truly step outside the mind set of an artist and take a subjective view. Am going to just say it out loud – art is boundless in it’s expressions, so to then search for a word or attempt to even coin a new one is impossible. It does however make sense to then have some kind of system by which one can refer to art in it’s evolutionary journey through time, it does also helps some of us to make comparisons. However there is no way to define true art, just like there is one answer to the question Meaning of life?

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